Welcome to the Manchester Area Psychogeographic website. Here you'll find collected interviews with and essays on MAP alongside excerpts from some of the MAP newsletters.

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An Introduction to Manchester Area Psychogeographic

An Interview with Manchester Area Psychogeographic by John Eden (TURBULENT TIMES 8)

Creatures of the MAP by Bob Dickinson (CRASH MEDIA)

Getting Screwed Up in the Land of Cockaigne (MAP 1)

Laddism and Labyrinth (MAP 2)

A Journey from Ducie Bridge to Angel Meadows, via Scotland (MAP 2)

Two Drifters ...Off to See the World - De Quincey and Thompson (MAP 3)

And Buildings Walked... (MAP 3)

Nedd Ludd and His Wives - Did They Really Move to America? (MAP 4)

Naming the Ditch (MAP 4)

Why is Chester the English Omphalos? - Violent Death at the Heart of the Seventeenth Century Spectacle (MAP 6)

On Men That Do Fly and Eagles That Fall (MAP 6)

Alchemical Manchester - The Dee Connection Explored (MAP 8)

Peace In Our Time... The Chorlton Drift (MAP 9)

Multi Real v. Mighty Real (MAP 9)